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The Aromatherapy Institute 

In Egypt

   Our Mission

Through The Aromatherapy Institute in Egypt, our school's mission is to spread the love and safe use of Essential Oils for physical, emotional, and spiritual healings.


Courses aim for a personalized and hands-on approach to learning and using essential oils for holistic health and therapeutic applications. To experience Aromatherapy hands-on, we offer interactive online and onsite courses/workshops in Cairo, Egypt.

​We wish to spread the knowledge and proper use of aromatherapy in Egypt, and to students from all horizons. We are ultimately grateful to contribute to the development of Aromatherapy in its historical homeland.
Gaëlle Vogt is the lead instructor for all courses and workshops. She is a Level 3 NAHA member and clinical aromatherapist, as well as a  lifelong learner in phytotherapy and plant medicine.

Whether for your own personal development, to use essential oils in an existing practice, or to start an Aromatherapy practice/business, join us and discover the wonderful benefits of essential oils.

Our Students

From Egypt and overseas, our students are coming from all around the world, from different backgrounds and cultures.

We want to provide the best Aromatherapy education for:
✔️ For students looking to better understand the oils,

✔️ For practitioners wanting to add Essential Oils to their existing practice,

✔️ Anyone looking to build an Aromatherapy practice or cosmetic brands

Values & Code of Ethics

✔️ Integrity

✔️ Honesty

✔️ Quality Education

✔️ Responsability

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