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Level 2
 "Professional Aromatherapist" Course 

Self-Study & Live Online Classes
With 3 Onsite Classes

Next Intake: TBD

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Is This Course For Me?

✅ The Level 2 | Professional Aromatherapy Course is designed for students who want to take their clinical aromatherapy knowledge to the next level, whether for your personal development and healing, or to work with clients.

You will learn about botany, advanced blending methods, using essential oils safely during pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and with babies/kids. You will also discover essential oils' chemistry (beginner friendly!), how to conduct professional consultations, tips and tricks on how to start your own business, ethics, and much more.

You will make 10 more case studies, write a research paper, and make more fun aroma products for the home!

This course is a combination of self-study (through your textbook and online platform), and live online classes (we will meet once per week on Zoom).


✅  This course requires successful completion of the Level 1 | Aromatherapy Foundation Course.

✅  This course includes two parts:

  • Part 1:
    Level 2 Aromatherapy Course is a combination of self-study and 8 online live classes.


  • Part 2:
    Anatomy & Physiology is a self-study online course through our online platform (no live classes / downloadable textbooks).
    This part can be completed at your own pace before, during, or after the Part 1.
    Completion of Anatomy & Physiology course is required (no extra fee) in order to receive the certificate of completion "Professional Aromatherapist". 


Level 2
Aromatherapy Course

Self-Study & Live Online Classes.
Information below


Anatomy &

Self-Study Course
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Reviewed and Approved by
Dr. Anbreen Slama Chaudhry

Quick Facts

✔️ Prerequisite: Level 1 | Aromatherapy Foundation Course.

✔️ Upon successful completion, you will receive the Certificate of Completion of the "Professional Aromatherapist" course; accredited by NAHA as Level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist®.
✔️ Start Date: TBD

✔️ End Date: TBD

✔️ Includes:       
       - 8 live/online classes

       - 3 onsite classes in Zamalek
-      - All material during onsite sessions (including essential and carrier oils)
       - Continuous support through WhatsApp,
       - 24/7 Access to your online learning platform including videos.

       - Essential oils testers

       - Level 2 Printed Course textbook (450+ pages) 
      - Anatomy & Physiology self-study online course
         (downloadable textbook - 150+ pages)
      -  Discounts on Seshen Aromatherapy, Black Lotus,
        Sensera Aromatherapy,
Natural Liquid Gold products, and Apothecary           Egypt.
      - Installments available for payments - Early Bird


Course Overview

If you thought that Level 1 was very comprehensive, this advanced level goes much deeper!
You will learn about essential oils chemistry, various advanced blending techniques, applications and safety during pregnancy, labor with babies and children.


In addition to the curriculum below, you will study and complete:

✔️ 25 essential oils profiles.

✔️ 10 carrier oils profiles.

✔️ Complete 10 advanced case studies.
✔️ Write a research paper (8-10 pages) on the subject of your choice.
✔️ Complete other assignments.

Curriculum Overview

 Introduction to Botany

 Professional Consultations

 Essential Oils Chemistry
 Advanced Blending Techniques

 Advanced Safety Guidelines

 Pregnancy, Labor, and Post-Natal Uses

 Babies and Children


 Women’s Health

 Aromatherapy & Pain Management

 Aromatherapy & Auto-Immune Diseases

 Aromatherapy & The liver

 Building Your Own Business​

🏺 Many recipes.

 Introduction to Reflexology & Foot Massage

 Hands-on Arm & Hand massage

 Aromatherapy Vs. Flower Essences
✎ Aromatherapy & Herbalism

 And much more...

To receive the full curriculum, please contact us.


+ Watch
Exclusive Interviews 

with Industry Experts in Various Fields

Certification Requirements

✔️ Completion of 10 advanced case studies

✔️ Research paper

✔️ Pass the final test with a grade of 80% minimum

Live Sessions Dates:

✔️ Starting TBD

✔️ Ends TBD

✔️ Every Saturday

✔️ 3 Onsite Days in TBD for hands-on practice

✔️ Please contact us for detailed schedule


If dates
don't suit your schedule, the Level 2 Course is also available in an online self-study only format.
Contact us for more details!

NAHA Accreditation

Our Level 2 Professiona Aromatherapist Course is accredited and approved by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, based in the U.S (NAHA).

Upon successful completion of the course, this accreditation allows you to:

  • Become a Level 2 NAHA member as Certified Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist®.

  • Opportunity for continuous education, free webinars and other sources.

  • Opportunity for networking.


Exclusive Discounts !

As a students and/or graduate of the Institute, you will continue to receive exclusive discounts on selected aromatherapy brands in Egypt:

3 2.png

Seshen Aromatherapy offers pure essential oils that have been GC/MS tested and that went through strict quality control. They also sell therapeutic blends ready to use. If you also use essential oils for meditation and spiritual uses, you will also find unique oils such as Palo Santo or White Sage.

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