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Level 1  
Aromatherapy Course
General Overview

Is Level 1 Course for Me?


✅ To  gain confidence 
In using essential oils safely and efficiently.

✅ To make your own DIY aromatherapy products.
Without preservatives or  other (harsh) chemical compounds.

✅ To understand the "essence of essential oils"
Why and how to they work?

✅ To make efficient therapeutic oil blends.

Use essential oils to help relieve headaches, pain, skin conditions, stress, insomnia etc.

✅ To know what makes a high quality essential  oil.

Which company to choose? What are red flags? 

✅ ...and much more!
Check our complete curriculum below!


✅  Curious and intrigued.
About natural and holistic ways of healing using plant medicine.

✅  A holistic healer or practitioner.
Homeopath, life/health coach, naturopath, massage therapist, energy healer etc.

✅  Working in the healthcare system.
Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc.

✅  Working in the beauty industry.
You own or planning to own a cosmetic brand using essential oils. Skin care therapist, beautician, etc.


Aromatherapy and Egypt

〽️ Simply put, Aromatherapy is to Egypt what Yoga is to India. Egyptians are considered the first known Aromatherapists and used oils thousands of years ago. 


〽️ Ancient Egyptians used oils for the mummification process, for spiritual, cosmetic, and medicinal  purposes. Many jars were found in Tutamkamon Tomb and still contained traces of Spikenard's scent. 


〽️ Today, Egypt is a major player in essential oils production and exportation. Delicate Jasmine, Neroli, Rose or even Geranium sold overseas are often produced here in Egypt.

Quick Facts

✔️ No previous aromatherapy experience needed.

✔️ Personalized and hand-on approach.

✔️ Certificate of completion accredited by NAHA
      as Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist®

✔️ Includes 1h online aroma yoga class.

✔️ Exclusive discounts on Seshen Aromatherapy, Black Lotus, Sensera Aromatherapy, Natural Liquid Gold products, and Apothecary Egypt.

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Your Aromatherapy Journey

The Level 1 Course will teach you all the fundamentals of Aromatherapy to confidently use essential oils.
More than a course,
it is a journey into your health and wellbeing. 

While many people get introduced to aromatherapy through its cosmetic application, you will find that essential oils have many more therapeutic uses. By the end of the course, you will know:


  • Which essential oils to use for common ailments,

  • Why you are using specific essential oils and their exact purpose in a blend. 

  • How to blend safely but efficiently.

  • How to read essential oils' labels, what information to look for, and red flags to avoid.

  • What makes a pure and high-quality essential oil.

  • How essential oils are extracted and why it is important when purchasing your essential oils.

  • Much much more.

🌿 Level 1 Course is divided in 7 modules.
Each module contains:

  • Individual lessons.

  • Essential and carrier oil profiles.

  • Recipes for hands-on practice.


🌿 In addition to the curriculum further down, you will:


  • Learn how to make fun aromatherapy products.

  • Learn how to make customized aroma blends​ for therapeutic use.

  • Master 20 essential oils uses, but also precautions/contraindications.

  • Experience a 1h Aroma Yoga Class.

  • Work on 5 real-life case studies​.

🌿 What is a Case Study?

Through the course, you will complete 5 case studies. For each case study, you will make a therapeutic blend for a specific use and given client.

  • Proceed with a client intake.

  • Determine the top therapeutic properties needed for an efficient blend considering the person as a whole rather than looking at symptoms.

  • Select the appropriate essential and carrier oils based on their therapeutic properties, but also client preference, and precautions/contraindications, and more.

  • Calculate the proper dilution and establish a detailed protocol to follow.

  • Evaluate results.

Module 1 | Overview

  • Defining Aromatherapy
    How is the aromatherapy field regulated? What are essential oils? Why do plants make essential oils?


  • History of Aromatherapy
    From Ancient Egypt to modern times.


  • Aromatherapy & Science
    Do essential oils work? Why science is important and where to find scientific 


  • Essential oils & Quality

    Key quality characteristics, prices and yields, various ways they can be adulterated, fragrances, organic versus wildcrafted essential oils, and “red flags” to watch out for. We will also discuss quality control and testings to lookout for.

Module 2 & 3 | Overview

  • While the first module provided fundamental  knowledge, we're now digging deeper.

  • Carrier oils
    Function, storage, quality, different types, key characteristics.


  • Safety guidelines
    Precautions and contraindications.


  • Application methods for therapeutic uses.
    Various ways to use essential oils at home.


  • Dilution guidelines
    Dilutions applicable for different applications and individuals.


  • Art of blending