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Meet Your Instructor

With an educational background in international business, Gaëlle always had a passion for wellness, fitness, and holistic health. 
Searching for a more meaningful career combining both her passion and job, she graduated from Langara College Aromatherapist Practitioner Program, in Vancouver/Canada. Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, she is a current member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).  


Following her passion for herbal medicine and natural healing, she studied Western Herbalism, a life-long study field and closely related to aromatherapy. Today, she is pursuing herbal education to an advanced and clinical level. 


Education and self-development never end.  Gaëlle also learnt Holistic Nutrition with a specialization in Sport Nutrition and Eating Disorders. After learning about Ecotherapy and the wonderful healing power of plants, she graduated from the EarthBody Institute in California.  


In 2018, Gaëlle pursued her other passion: travelling and discovering the world. She spent two months in India completing Reiki Level 1 & 2 and learning about Ayurveda Nutrition and Massage & Marma Therapy in Rishikesh.  


Her travels led her to Cairo, Egypt where she has been teaching hands-on classroom Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is to Egypt what Yoga is to India. Surprised that no true aromatherapy education existed in Egypt, she had the pleasure to launch the first aromatherapy courses in Egypt.  

Clinical  Aromatherapist



Nutrition Coach

Educational Background

  • Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapist Diploma - Langara College, Vancouver (Canada).
    Aromatherapy Foot Reflexology & Aromatherapy Massage - Langara College, Vancouver (Canada). 
    Member Level 3 Registered Clinical Aromatherapist|National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)
    Tisserand Institute - Advanced Courses



  • Herbalism / Herbal Medicine:

    • Herbalism Course - Intermediate Level Certificate - The Herbal Academy (USA).

    • "Herbal Pharmacology and Plant Based Medicine" Certificate - IHN / Institute of Holistic Nutrition (Vancouver, Canada) 

    • "Clinical Detoxification" Certificate - IHN / Institute of Holistic Nutrition (Vancouver, Canada)

    • Ecotherapy Training Certificate - The EarthBody Institute (California, USA)



  • Nutrition:

    • Registered Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach - Nutraphoria Holistic School (Vancouver, Canada)

    • Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist - Nutraphoria Holistic School (Vancouver, Canada)

    • EDIT / Eating Disorder Intuitive Eating Counsellor (Denver/Colorado, USA)


  • Others:

    • Ayurveda Nutrition & Massage Course - Ayuskama Ayurveda Clinic & Panchakarma Center, Rishikesh (India) 

    • Introduction in Marma Therapy - Ayuskama Ayurveda Clinic & Panchakarma Center, Rishikesh (India) 

    • Reiki Level 1 & 2 - Reiki School of India, Rishikesh (India)

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