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✔️ In Giza
✔️ Online (Zoom)

​Why a private consultation?

✅ You have specific questions regarding the use of essential oils you need answer to.

​✅ You are looking for a customized consultation and aromatherapy blend to address a specific condition.

✅ You are building a brand and want to make sure you're using essential oils correctly in your formulas.


What to expect?

🔹 You will be asked to complete an online health assessment form before your appointment (initial appointment only); which we will review at the beginning of our session.

🔹 We will discuss and address your questions about aromatherapy and essential oils.

🔹 You will leave with a custom essential oil blend (15ml) with detailed instructions on how to use it. I may also suggest other applications when needed.

🔹 Aromatherapy is a holistic practice and I may suggest other alternative methods to help you achieve your goal. 


This session is about you - you steer the consultation as needed!

🔸Fees for In-Person Consultation in Giza


​       ▸ Initial consultation: LE 600 for 45min

        ▸ Following consultations: LE 550 for 30min

*Pre-payment required for in-person consultation.
*72h non-refundable cancellation policy
*Includes a 15ml blend

🔸Fees for Online Consultation

       ▸ Initial consultation: LE 300 for 30min

        ▸ Following consultations: LE 250

*Does not include a blend.
*Please give 24h courtesy cancellation notice.



Optional (Extra fee per product)

Optional additional aromatherapy products can be made during the session:

- Aromatherapy inhaler stick
- 30ml blends (larger)
- Aroma Epsom bath salts
- Mister (spray)


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