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Ask About Your 
Level 2 Aroma Kit 

Ask About Your 
Level 2 Printed Textbook

Your Aroma Kit

From Level 1, you may have already purchased plenty of material. 
In case you have not, 
we offer a Level 2 aroma kit (complimentary) for:

- Self-Study & Online Live Course (early bird)
- Self-Study Course

Please note that:
Kit needs to be picked up in Maadi
Kits content can vary based on availability.

What Does The Kit Include?

1x Empty roll-on (glass)
10x Empty 15ml bottles (dark glass)
Shea butter
Green Clay
1x empty spray bottle (glass)
Dried flowers (Calendula, rose, lavender).
Vegetable Glycerin
Wax & glass container for salve.
Rose Hydrosol
Aroma inhaler tube
Essential oils testers/samples (based on availability)

* Kit content may slightly vary based on availability.

The Kit DOES NOT Contain:

Essential Oils

Carrier Oils

Essential oils and carrier/vegetable oils can be purchased from Sensera Aromatherapy, Natural Liquid GoldBlack Lotus, and Areej. All these companies offer delivery services to your home.

Your Level 2
Printed Textbook

Printed textbook is available free of charge for:
Self-Study & Online Live Course (early bird)

If you are taking the Self-Study Course:
You can learn directly from the online platform (and save trees!), or print it out on your own.

You can also order here your printed textbook.

It is a black & white / soft book of about 450 pages.

Printed Textbook Cost

EGP 550

*Please note that the printed textbook is only available to enrolled students.

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