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Level 2 Course
Anatomy & Physiology

Self Pace, Online Study

Why Anatomy & Physiology?

If you have completed Level 1 | Aromatherapy Foundation Course, you will have a high-level understanding of the body systems. Knowing how our body functions is critical to:

🌱 Make safe and efficient blends for yourself, or with clients.
🌱 It will also help you select the most effective methods of applications.

🌱 Understand how all organs and body system work as a team to reach homeostasis.

🌱 Appreciate how well how body and how hard it works to maintain you in good heath.


This Anatomy and Physiology section covers all body systems: cardiovascular, nervous, urinary, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, immune, lymphatic, integumentary, respiratory & reproductive systems. 


Quick Facts

🌱 No medical or scientific experience needed - this course is beginner-friendly!

🌱 This course is included (no additional cost) in Level 2 Course and required to receive the certificate of completion "Professional Aromatherapist".

🌱 This course is entirely a self-study (no live classes). Login when you want and from any location, as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop.

🌱 Learn from our online platform or download & print out your textbook (150 pages +).

🌱 Includes recommended YouTube videos to match all learning styles.

🌱 Includes quizzes after each body system.


Learning Objectives

For each body system you will learn:

🌱 Its primary functions and roles.

🌱 Its composition and main organs involved.
🌱 How it works and its impact on your overall health. 

🌱 Common disorders of the given body system.

🌱 More.


Anatomy & Physiology Course Reviewed & Approved by
Dr Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry

About Dr Anbreen Slama-Chaundhry

Dr Anbreen Slama-Chaundhry is is a medical doctor (GP) from Switzerland.
She is also a Health Entrepreneur, Health & Wellbeing Consultant, Chronic Diseases Patient Education and Self-Care specialist. She is the founder & CEO of Medical Training Services.


Her domain or expertise are:

  • Care Providers-Patients/Community Health Empowerment

  • Capacity Building

  • Self-Care Education

  • Chronic Diseases

About Medical Training Services (MTS)

Medical Training Services (MTS) is a Swiss registered health training company, whose vision is “A world where everyone has the knowledge and ability to make healthy choices, regardless of their educational or social background”. The organization’s mission is to provide equitable knowledge and skills access empowering everyone to make informed health choices throughout their life course. 


Focus areas:

  • Promoting holistic self-care practices

  • Creating equity in the doctor-patient partnership

  • Building capacity of care providers

  • Raising health awareness across communities

  • Enabling individuals to practice measures aimed not only at curing but also preventing specific health issues

  • Focusing on Chronic Diseases Management & Support


Completion Requirements

🌱 Online Course Process to Reach 100%
🌱 Complete All Quizzes.

🌱 Submit final assignment

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How To Apply

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