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Ask About Your 
Level 1 Aroma Kit 

Ask About Your 
Level 1 Printed Textbook

Your Aroma Kit

 When learning aromatherapy online, hands-on practice is critical. While it's easy to get the needed material from Amazon when living overseas, it isn't that straightforward in Egypt.

When starting the course, you will have a list of items that you will need for the hands-on practice and I give you tips on where to get them. This is to say that you can certainly build your own kit as almost all items are available in Egypt.

However, to make your learning process easier, we offer a free aroma start-up kit for:

- Self Study Course
- Self-Study & Online Live Course

Please note that:
Kit needs to be picked up in Maadi
Kits content can vary based on availability.

What Does The Kit Include?

1x Empty roll-on (glass)
5x Empty 15ml bottles (dark glass)
1x empty push bottle (glass)
1x empty spray bottle (glass)
Dried flowers (Calendula, rose, lavender).
Glass container to make our infused oil.
Wax & glass container for salve.
Epsom bath salt
Material for body scrub
Aroma inhaler tube
Essential oils testers/samples (based on availability)

* Kit content may slightly vary based on availability.

What Can I Make With the Kit?

The kit contains some of the needed material to make:


You case studies (blends)

Liquid hand-soap.

Body scrub

Aroma inhaler tube

Epsom bath salts

Infused calendula oil.


Aroma Mister/Spray


The Kit DOES NOT Contain:

Essential Oils

Carrier Oils

Essential oils and carrier/vegetable oils can be purchased from Sensera Aromatherapy, Natural Liquid GoldBlack Lotus, and Areej. All these companies offer delivery services to your home.

Your Printed Textbook

Printed textbook is available free of charge for:

- Self Study & Onsite Classes

- Self Study & Online Live Classes

If you are taking the Self Study course:
 You can learn directly from the online platform (and save trees!), or print it out on your own.

To make your learning process worry-free, you can also order here your printed textbook.

It is a black & white / soft book of about 350 pages.

Printed Textbook Cost

EGP 450

*Please note that the printed textbook is only available to enrolled students.

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