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Aroma-Yoga Study Retreat


Self Pace, Online Study

of Anatomy & Physiology

2-Week in Egypt
Study Aromatherapy, Practice Yoga


March 2020

Who Is This Course For?

🌱 This 275 Hours Program is a complete course that covers Aromatherapy and Essential Oils from every angle. From product-making, to advanced blending technique and using Essential Oils during pregnancy and with kids. This is the ideal course for anyone looking to build a carrer in Aromatherapy.

🌱 If you're looking to learn in depth all the 'why' and 'how' related to Essential Oils. Maybe to use in an existing practice, for personal development, or to create an Aromatherapy brand/products

🌱 If you're looking to use Essential Oils for yourself, friends/family, or clients.

🌱 If you'd like to learn how the body works and how to use Essential Oils to relieve physical and emotional pains and aches.


🌱 If you love travelling, and if Egypt has always been in your checklist! Have you always been fascinated about Ancient Egypt and its relationship with Aromatherapy?
If it's your first time to Egypt, don't worry we take care of everything, from your pick-up at the airport upon arrival, to your accommodation and visits.


Why Study Aromatherapy in Egypt?


Simply put, Aromatherapy is to Egypt what Yoga is to India. Egyptians are considered the first known Aromatherapists and used oils throusands of years ago. Experiencing Essential Oils in their birth country is a unique opportunity. 


Ancient Egyptians used oils for the mummification process, for spiritual, cosmetic, and medicinal  purposes. Jars which used to contains oils of spikenard and frankincense were found in Tutamkamon Tomb. The first 'oil laboratory' can be found in Upper Egypt, among many paintings of how oils were used for various purposes.


Today, Egypt is a major player in essential oils production and exportation. Delicate Jasmine, Neroli, Rose or even Geranium sold overseas are often produced here in Egypt.

🏺Discover the wonders of Egypt while studying (checkout our exciting trips down below).

🏺Go home with stars in your eyes and an Aromatherapist Certification (Upon successful completion of the course).

Quick Facts

🌱 No previous aromatherapy experience needed.

🌱 Maximum 12 students per Course.
🌱 275 Hours Program.

🌱 Anatomy & Physiology is a self-pace Online Course, and is a pre-requisite before attending classes in Cairo.
🌱 Class Schedule in Cairo, Egypt: 

- Hands-on Classroom Type.
- Duration: 4 Weeks, 5 days per week.

🌱 Tuition Includes: Anatomy & Physiology online course, textbook, all materials for hands-on practice, airport pick up, one week study & travel in Upper Egypt,  accommodation, and  field trips.

Prof Aroma.png

Anatomy & Physiology
Online Course

🌱 Start your Aromatherapy Journey with the 65 hours Anatomy & Physiology Course.  Our user-friendly online course covers all body systems: cardiovascular, nervous, urinary, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, immune, lymphatic, integumentary, respiratory & reproductive systems. During the course, our team will be here to answer any questions.

🌱 This step is crucial to understand how our bodies function, which is needed to make safe and efficient blends with clients.

🌱Our program in Cairo is full and intensive. Studying this portion at your own pace, and ahead of time will make your study in Cairo more enjoyable.


Reatreat Overview

In Egypt

This 4-week course will teach you all the fundamentals to confidently use the oils on yourself, your friends/family, and with potential future clients. You'll study the main patologies of the human body, essential oils chemistry, safety guidelines, advanced blending techniques and much more!

In addition to the curriculum below, you will discover:

🌱 40 essential oils profiles.

🌱 20 carrier oils profiles.

🌱 Complete 20 case studies.
🌱 Write a research paper (8-10 pages) of the subject of your choice.
🌱 Make a vision board and complete other assignments.

Study Aromatherapy

  • You will be introduced to Essential Oils, from Ancient Egypt to Modern Time. From distillation to cold expression and CO2 extraction, we will discuss the various ways essential oils can be extracted.

  • By the end of the week you will understand the science behind Aromatherapy and you will learn how the oils are absorbed and processed inside the body to provide their wonderful therapeutic benefits.

  • We will study in depth the controversial subject of Essential Oil quality, and what are ‘pure’ oils. 

  • After covering all safety guidelines, contraindications and precautions, we will talk about carrier oils, proper dilutions and application methods. You will also get to make your first blends using essential oils notes!

Practice Daily Yoga

  • During the second week we will start discussing common pathologies related to the respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, muscular and skeletal systems.

  • You will learn how stress affects the body both on a chronic and acute basis, and how Essential Oils can help.

  • By learning about botany and Essential Oils chemistry, you will build a closer relationship with the oils, and better grasp their modes of action.

  • We will discuss step by step, how an Aromatherapy consultation and client take work.

Discover Beautiful Egypt

Continue Studying While Cruising the Nile!

More Information Here

  • Time to get out of Cairo! We are heading to Upper Egypt, where you will discover the wonders of Luxor and Aswan while cruising the Nile. We will visit key temples displaying the origin of Aromatherapy and Perfumery in Egypt. You will get to see what others learn in books!

  • This isn't all fun and play, and learning continues! From the cruise boat, you will continue looking at main pathologies related to the endocrine, urinary, and intengumentary systems. By the end of week 3 you will be able to identify common ailements and understand how and which essential oils can assist.

  • In addition, we will cover essential oils and cosmetics, both for skin and hair and some important precautions to take.

  • You will also learn how to use (or not to use) Essential Oils and hydrosols before, during, after pregnancy and with babies/children.

  • What's an Aromatherapy Massage and what does it entail? We will cover the theory, does and don't.

  • During this week you will get some self-study time to start working on your research paper and other assignments.

Relax in an Outstanding Setting

  • Accommodation

Field Trips and other Hands-On Sessions 

(Included in the tuition)

There is nothing better than experiencing on the field the process of harvesting and producing essential oils. Only then you can realize how much effort, plant material, energy and life force contains a small bottle of essential oil.

Textbook pictures can't compete with contemplating with your own eyes. Visit Egypt's main sites related to ancient use of oils!

🌱 Pyramids of Giza - Let's get ot know eachother!

🌱 Visit an Essential Oil Plantation & Distillery and see how delicate flowers of Neroli and Jasmine are being grown, harvested, extracted, and bottled.

🌱 We'll visit an Essential Oil Laboratory. Hear chemists talk about the MS/CG quality testing process.

🌱 Visit the Egyptian & Islamic Museums with our Egyptologist Guide and see the ancient egyptians oils artifacts.

🌱 One week in Upper Egypt: With our Egyptologist Guide, visit the temples of Luxor, Dendara, Abydos & Edfu. Admire the first Perfume & Oil Laboratory dating thousands of years ago. Relax & Study on the Nile during our 3-day Cruise, before ending the week in the colourful Nubian Village of Aswan.

🌱 1 hour Aroma Yoga Class - Experience hands-on how Essential Oils can be used during a yoga practice. 

* Museum entrance fees, Meals & Drinks aren't Included in the tuition


Aroma Products You'll be Making Throughout the Course

(all materials are provided)

Because the best way to learn is by doing, this Course is hands-on. Throughout the course, you'll make your own aromatherapy: 

🌱 Body scrub

🌱 Epsom bath salts

🌱 Inhaler tube

🌱 Cleaning Spray

🌱 Face oil

🌱 Lip balm

🌱 Hand Soap

🌱 Salve

🌱 Air Freshener

🌱 Roll-on

🌱 Bath bombs

🌱 Hair Oil

🌱 Baby Spray

🌱 Infused-Oil Making

🌱 Aroma toothpaste

🌱 Body oil at almost every class!

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.56.54
Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.28.50 PM_ed
Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.11.14 AM.png

Your Facilitators

Mostafa Elkafrawy

Your Egyptologist Tour Guide


Your Yoga Instructor

Gaëlle Vogt

Your Aromatherapy Instructor

2020 Schedule

Program Duration
 275 hours
Online Course + 4 Weeks (5 days per week)

Grading System

🌱 Weekly Exams

🌱 Final Exam

🌱 Assignments

🌱 Research paper

🌱 Vision Board

Certification Requirements

🌱 Minimum of 80% attendance

🌱 Submit all assignments

🌱 Pass with a grade of 80% minimum

2020 Fees

🌱 Tuition:                                                                   EGP 

🌱 Early Bird*:                                                             EGP 

🌱 Anyone who previously attended

an Aromatherapy workshop with me**:                   EGP 

* Full Payment before X

**Name should be on my list of past attendees.

Refund Policy

50% Payment Required to Confirm your Enrollment.

Fees are refundable up to 1 month before classes start minus USD 30 administrative fee.
All fees must be paid in pull 1 month before classes start, and are non-refundable.

Payment can be made through Paypal, Cash, Egyptian Bank Account, La Banque Postale, or Royal Bank of Canada.

Exclusive Discount !

To help you build your Essential Oils kit
Black Lotus Offers

15% Discount 

On all their products to enrolled students for the duration of the Course.
(applicable for the 50-hours and 275-hours Courses only)



🌱 Accommodation in Cairo.

🌱 Airport pick-up & drop-off.

🌱 Textbook.

🌱 Material to make all hands-on products.

🌱 All Field trips (including transportation).

🌱 Application Fees.

🌱 Certificate of Completion.


🌱 Flight Ticket.

🌱 Visa.

🌱 Entrance fee to Museums.

🌱 Travel Insurance.

🌱 All Meals & Drinks.


Email us and we'll send you the application form

How To Apply

Your payment is received, you're officially enrolled into 2020 Certification Program!

Once your application is approved, we will send you payment details

We'll be waiting for you on the first day of class!

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